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Our Mission

The Larchmont Temple Social Justice Initiative works to address the underlying causes of social inequity by engaging in lobbying efforts to support legislation that speaks to our core Jewish values, and by educating and supporting our community in areas of social justice.  

We look for opportunities to be impactful at three levels: 
(1) Local (Larchmont/Mamaroneck and Westchester County), 
(2) State (New York), and 
(3) Federal (nationwide).

Join Us!
Please reach out to our co-chairs if you are interested in getting involved.:
Jennifer Mitchell (
Lisa Kaufmann (

Current & Upcoming Opportunities


Our History, Our Impact! Legislative Campaigns

Since its formation in 2018, The LT Social Justice Initiative has partnered with the Religious Action Center (RAC-NY) to successfully contribute to the passage of important New York State legislation.

2021 - "Less is More"
The LT Social Justice Initiative engaged in our first efforts at virtual lobbying.  We hosted Zoom meetings with our New York legislators to lobby for the “Less is More” bill to support racial justice in parole reform.  This bill was signed into law by NY Governor Hochul on September 17, 2021.  Now, people who finished their prison sentence will no longer be sent back to jail without a hearing for technical parole violations like missing an appointment with a parole office or breaking curfew.
view the signing of the bill here

2020 - "Get out the Vote"
We engaged in the Civic Engagement campaign organized by  The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, writing postcards and making phone calls to support the campaign to “Get out the Vote” in the 2020 elections.  

2019 - "Green Light" Bill
We traveled to Albany and lobbied with other NY reform synagogues for the “Green Light” bill, which passed into law in June 2019.  “Green Light” gives undocumented residents in New York state the ability to legally obtain a driver’s license.  

How is Social Justice Different From Social Action?

Social Justice is about addressing the underlying causes of inequitable access to wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society (eg: lobbying in Albany).  Social Action meets the world where it is, by providing direct support to those in need (eg: feeding the homeless).

Social Justice Initiative leadership group

Co-Chairs:  Lisa Kaufmann and Jennifer Mitchell
Clergy:  Rabbi Leora Frankel

Beth Belisle, Rebecca Haase, David Kahn, Leah Katznelson, Jayne Lipman, Lynn Reichgott, Linda Riefberg and Ellen Zimmerman

Sat, October 23 2021 17 Cheshvan 5782