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Shir Ami Adult Choir

Shir Ami (Song of my People) directed by Cantor Tracey Scher and Music Director, Jonathan Faiman, is Larchmont Temple’s adult choir. The choir meets Tuesday evenings once a week at 7:30 PM from September through June. Virtual meeting opportunities are being discussed. Stay tuned...

Shir Ami participates in Shabbat and holiday services and performs in the community including the Sarah Neuman Nursing home, and the Thanksgiving Interfaith Service. New members of every level are always welcome. The only requirement is a love of singing!

Contact Tracey Scher at or 834-6120 ext.18 to get involved.






Oh Lord Prepare Me (Soprano & Alto)
Oh Lord Prepare Me (Tenor)
Oh Lord Prepare Me (Bass)


Oseh Shalom (Ochs) - SATB
Oseh Shalom (Ochs) - Soprano
Oseh Shalom (Ochs) - Alto
Oseh Shalom (Ochs) - Tenor
Oseh Shalom (Ochs) - Bass

Music Recordings for High Holidays

Chassidic Kaddish - Bass
Chassidic Kaddish - Tenor
Chassidic Kaddish - Alto
Chassidic Kaddish - Soprano
Chassidic Kaddish - Chorus
Areshet - Bass
Areshet - Tenor
Areshet - Alto
Areshet - Soprano
B'rosh Hashanah
Bar'chu - Bass
Bar'chu - Tenor
Bar'chu - Alto
Bar'chu - Soprano
Elohai - Duet
End Rosh Hashanah Medley - Bass
End Rosh Hashanah Medley - Tenor
End Rosh Hashanah Medley - Alto
End Rosh Hashanah Medley - Soprano
R'tzei Cantor + Bass
R'tzei Cantor + Tenor
R'tzei Cantor + Alto
R'tzei Cantor + Soprano
RH Medley
S'u Sh'arim - Bass
S'u Sh'arim - Tenor
Sh'ma - Bass
Sh'ma - Tenor
Sh'ma - Alto
Sh'ma - Soprano
Un'taneh Tokef - Bass
Un'taneh Tokef - Tenor
Un'taneh Tokef - Alto
Un'taneh Tokef - Soprano
V'Ne'emar -Alto Bass
V'Ne'emar - Soprano


Samachti - Soprano
Samachti - Alto
Samachti -Tenor
Samachti - Bass


Lo Yisa Goy Soprano
Lo Yisa Goy Alto
Lo Yisa Goy Tenor
Lo Yisa Goy Bass


Tue, June 2 2020 10 Sivan 5780