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Shabbat at LT

The Hassidic masters taught...When God says to Moses as he stands before the burning bush “Remove your shoes from your feet…” God’s message is meant for us as well.

For only if we remove the shell of habit that encloses us, that keeps us from our immediate experience, will we recognize that the place which we happen to be standing at this moment is holy ground. For there is no rung of being on which we cannot find the holiness of God everywhere and at all times.

Shabbat is our chance to look closer than ever before at all those bushes that burn but are not consumed; to move beyond the habit of the week to let the uniqueness…the holiness…of Shabbat come upon us. There is holy ground in front of us, behind us, in between us.

It is only up to us…to make it so….

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Sat, October 23 2021 17 Cheshvan 5782