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Far beyond a change in civil status, the Jewish wedding is the affirmation that two who have found one another are ready to affirm the unique relationship they share, pledging their love in sacred promise before family and friends.

Thus the key term for Jewish marriage—Kiddushin, from the root word KaDoSH—to be holy, or separate. Two people whose bond sets them apart in mutual devotion celebrate their shared life-commitment, linking their love with the lifeblood of the People Israel, thereby sanctifying it as sacred.

The clergy of Larchmont Temple are privileged to serve as M’sadrei Kiddushin—sacred Jewish marriage officiants—for the congregational family and extended others, as determined by the availability of the rabbis and cantor. Pre-Marriage meetings, ideally 4-5 sessions, enable not only the rabbi/cantor to get to know the couple, but the couple to connect personally with their rabbi/cantor. This exchange of experience and life-values includes learning about the rites/rituals surrounding the Jewish wedding, enabling the couple to make informed choices as the rabbi/cantor guides the Kiddushin creation process.

It is a mitzvah for the wedding couple to share in an Aufruf—a Pre-Marital Aliyah Blessing in the weeks leading up to their ceremony. The couple is called to Torah during Friday evening Shabbat Worship and, after sharing in the Torah blessings, receives a special pre-marriage Mi-Shebeyrach, a prayer of hope for God’s blessings in their future.

Since the Sanctuary is the heart of holiness, Larchmont Temple is privileged when a congregational-family couple chooses to be married here. Equipped with facilities to host the wedding reception as well, all arrangements for facility use should be made through the office of our Executive Director.

Questions of calendar, including prohibited dates on historic fast days and periods of mourning, can be ascertained through consult with the rabbis/cantor. If your wedding is not taking place at Larchmont Temple, before booking any venue, please consult the Temple clergy calendar for clearance and final approval.

If a previous marriage ended in civil divorce, a Get— a sacred divorce decree, can serve as a ritual of closure that brings meaning. This consideration can be made in consult with the Rabbis/Cantor.

Please contact Rabbi Sirkman's Assistant, Cynthia Weissman, at
to initiate the request for clergy availability.

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