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Grades 8 - 12


All 8th - 12th graders are invited to serve as a madrich/a in our Religious School program. Questions? Email Shoshy Levine, our Youth Engagement Coordinator. Applications are available toward the end of August and we are making plans for both online and in-person possibilities!


Join our High School youth group! Led by our teens, LarFTY offers programming designed and led by a peer-elected board. LarFTY has exciting programs available for all high schoolers, including: social action, religious, cultural, educational, and recreational activities. Last year’s LarFTY planned calendar included a ski trip weekend in Vermont, an overnight shul-in, volunteering apple picking, and weekly Starbucks meet ups. There are also lots of NFTY Regional and North American NFTY events, including the NFTY Convention with nearly 1500 teens! Plans are underway to connect with LarFTY either online an (hopefully!) in -person! For more information about LarFTY, contact Shoshy Levine, the Youth Engagement Coordinator.


Grade 10 learners have the extraordinary opportunity to spend the year learning with Rabbi Sirkman in Confirmation Class. Highlights include Tuesday night learning dedicated to developing one’s own theology, a trip to the Religious Action Center’s L’Takein Seminar, and participating in a special Shavuot Confirmation service at the end of the year. Plans are underway for Confirmation to be online or in-person. To register, click here.

GRADES 11 & 12

Diner Dialogues: 11th and 12th grade learners meet with Rabbi Sirkman monthly - either online or in-person - for Diner Dialogues at the Nautilus Diner (when in person!). To register, click here

Wed, April 21 2021 9 Iyar 5781