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Grade 7: B'Mitzvotav: Preparing for Jewish Adulthood

 One or Two Days a Week: Tuesdays (SOME) + Thursdays (ALL)

Please read carefully or click here for a full description

Tuesdays: ONLINE Hebrew and Journey of Becoming B'Nei Mitzvah with the Clergy

(Grouped by B'Nei Mitzvah Dates)

4:00 - 5:30 pm

Please click  here  for a full explanation of when your child will take Hebrew and Journey of Becoming with the Clergy.

Thursdays: Jewish Learning Activities (ALL and ALL YEAR): 4:00 - 5:30 pm


We will meet in-person outside in our Garden or inside LT. If it is not possible to be in-person, we will meet online.

Grade 7 learners are preparing and becoming adult members of the community as they prepare and become Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Their time at LT is different from their prior years and has the following components:

  • Thursday Afternoon Jewish Learning. Our Thursday program includes Jewish Identity, Reform Judaism, the Holocaust, Mitzvah projects and more. This program will either take place online or in person, times TBD. (Pre-COVID-19, this program took place with the full grade between 4 - 5:30 pm).
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvah Preparation. Based upon one's Bar/Bat Mitzvah date, learners take Doin' Drash with Rabbi Sirkman on Tuesday afternoons (online or in-person) the semester prior to one's Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Your child falls into one of three categories:
    • Fall (September - December) 2020 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Date: Your son/daughter has already taken Doin' Drash as a 6th Grader.
    • Spring (January - June) 2021 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Date: Your son/daughter will take Doin Drash from September 2020 - mid-January 2021.
    • Fall (September - December) 2021 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Date: Your son/daughter will take Doin' Drash from mid-January - May 2021.  
  • Hebrew. Grade 7 learners keep up with their Hebrew weekly. 

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Wed, April 21 2021 9 Iyar 5781