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Chevrah Handouts

Chevrah Torah - Saturday Mornings, 9:00 AM, via Zoom

LT's Chevrah Torah is a transformational hour+ when the text comes to life through a round-the-table-sharing of the weekly portion’s key question [KOSHI] and the commentaries of the ages….A time when congregants gather together to explore and gain insight from our sacred texts, and from one another. Currently, we are using the Zoom platform to stay connected. You can join Rabbi Sirkman at the link or phone number that's listed in our calendar for each Shabbat.

Customarily led by Rabbi Jeffrey Sirkman, [along with the many teachers who join us weekly,] the best way to become part of the conversation, and discover the sacred wisdom that only Torah can bring, is to take a seat around our virtual table!

During the year, we will be posting Rabbi Sirkman's handouts in this space prior to Saturday mornings so that members can begin to think about the parshah (the week's chapter) beforehand. 

For instructions on how to access Zoom for virtual engagement during this time: 

  • You will be sent a link for each specific online event. Try to log on about 10 minutes before the start time to test that your camera and microphone are working. You can also use this link to test your audio and video at any time.
  • When you  join the meeting, make sure that your microphone and video are active and set to the right devices (icons in the lower left in Zoom), and that your speaker volume is turned up.

  • If you have any problems with audio (or connecting at all), you can always dial in using the phone number and conference code (and still leave your computer connected for the video) - but if you also joined by computer, make sure to turn off your computer speakers and mute your computer mic (see below) so you don't get any echo/feedback!

  •  Everyone should mute themselves on a call unless you are talking, to minimize background noise for everyone.  (Click on the mic in the lower left in Zoom, or press * then 6 ("M" key) on a phone in most systems - same to unmute)

  • For a longer list of helpful hints for using Zoom, click here. For complete Zoom tutorials, check out their help section here.

Sat, January 22 2022 20 Sh'vat 5782