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Each child brings his or her own blessing into the world- Yiddish saying

The birth of a child is a moment of intense wonder and celebration. Jewish tradition creates a wonderful framework for welcoming boys and girls into the Covenant of Israel and bestowing upon them a Hebrew name.

Brit Milah

Since the time of Abraham & Sarah, we have been called as Jews to enter the covenant, as it is written: "Throughout your generations, every male among you shall be circumcised at eight days old." This is the entryway into a heritage as old as Abraham--as new as the promise of a young life.

On the 8th day Jewish tradition commands us to circumcise our sons. Larchmont Temple is happy to assist you in finding a Mohel to perform the brit milah (ritual circumcision) of your son. We are also thrilled to take part in any brit milah by helping your family create a meaningful naming ceremony that includes the generations of your family in welcoming your son into the Covenant of Israel.

Brit Chayim

Though not commanded in the Torah, it is the custom at Larchmont Temple to welcome baby girls into the covenant of Israel with a naming ceremony as well. Whether you choose to name your daughter at a Shabbat service in the presence of Torah, or in a private ceremony at your home or other location, the clergy are happy to help your family create a meaningful ceremony whether on the 8th day, a month after birth or at any time that feels comfortable for you. (For families that choose to not have a public circumcision ceremony, a brit chayim for a boy can be planned as well.)

For more information on Brit Milah and Brit Chayim contact Cynthia Weissman at or you may speak to Rabbi Sirkman ( or Rabbi Frankel ( directly by calling the Temple at 914-834-6120.

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