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This past year has taught us how much we appreciate home, how essential it is to have a place we know we can go for safety, for shelter, to be with family, or just by ourselves, when the world overwhelms. But the year ahead brings a precious promise: it is time to come back to the congregation we call Home. What is Larchmont Temple, after all, if not a community of care, where we treat one another like family…a community of shared celebration/support, where we mark life’s moments together…a community of common cause, where we renew our commitment to repairing the world. 

Anticipating actually being back in our building—sitting together in our Sanctuary, schmoozing in the social hall or in the front foyer, learning in the Grant Conference Center or in our Kesher classrooms, we can’t help but feel: it has been far too long. Yet our journey back is not alone to a place, but to a greater purpose. For what makes LT our Home is not the building, but rather all of us--the people who fill it…

Which is why this new Temple year, 5782, will be Our Year of Coming Home—exploring what it means to be part of this LT Community of Covenant. How the questions and concerns we voice, the hopes and heartaches we share, the commitments we aspire to make real together help us to create a congregation we can all call Home/that feels like Home.

Covenantally speaking, as our returning brings renewal, Larchmont Temple might mean more than we know. For as Home, LT is our foundation stone, the reference-point that nurtures our Jewish lives, a place of memory and meaning that helps us remember who we are and inspires us to become all we can. LT as our sacred Home enables us to tell our story, recognizing that our own life-narrative is part of a transcendent tale, connecting us to one another. Our Temple-Home is the compass that guides us; a place filling us with sacred purpose, pointing towards a brighter tomorrow, accompanying us wherever we go.

With all we’ve been through, we feel blessed to join with you in a New Year we know will truly feel like new, a celebration of heart & hope that will lead us all back Home.

With sweetness for a 5782 filled with life,

Rabbi Jeffrey J. Sirkman
Cantor Tracey Scher
Rabbi Leora J. Frankel

Sat, January 22 2022 20 Sh'vat 5782