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Learning Theme Program Projections... 5780

“What the world religions share is not so much a finish line as a starting point. And where they begin is the simple observation: something is wrong with the world…life is out of balance…They diverge sharply when they move from diagnosing the human problem to prescribing how to solve it… One of the most common misconceptions about the world religions is that they plumb the same depths and ask the same questions. They do not…Yet every religion asks about the human condition. Here we are in these bodies. What now? What next? What are we to become?” [God Is Not One, Prof Stephen Prothero, Introduction]

The Dignity of Difference Series

“…You don’t have to believe in God to want to understand how belief in God has transformed societies from ancient to modern. And you don’t have to be baptized into Christianity or married to a Muslim to want to understand the work that rituals do to the people who undergo them…The spiritually curious searching for new answers will find plenty in the lives of Hindus, Confucians…Even those settled in their religious [or nonreligious] ways should find opportunities to reimagine their religious commitments by comparing and contrasting them with different ways of being religious.” [Prof Stephen Prothero, God is Not One; Introduction]

4th Friday Feature— Celebrating the Sacred Other

8:00 PM Shabbat Worship
With Guest Spiritual Leader/Teacher highlighting different ways of being religious,
Sharing key aspects of their tradition/ritual, conveying key aims of their faith.

Thu, August 6 2020 16 Av 5780