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Shir Ami Adult Choir

Shir Ami (Song of my People) directed by Cantor Tracey Scher and Music Director, Jonathan Faiman, is Larchmont Temple’s adult choir. The choir meets Tuesday evenings once a week at 7:30 pm in the Grant Conference Center from September through June.

Shir Ami participates in Shabbat and holiday services and performs in the community including the Sarah Neuman Nursing home, and the Thanksgiving Interfaith Service. New members of every level are always welcome. The only requirement is a love of singing!

Contact Tracey Scher at tscher@larchmonttemple.org or 834-6120 ext.18 to get involved.

2016/2017 Schedule

REHEARSALS / Tuesdays 7:30-9:00pm


September 6,13,20, 27 (7-8)

October 18

November 1,15,22,29

December 13,20

January 3,10,12,24,31

February 7,14,28

March 7,14,21

April 4,18

May 9,16,23


October 4, Rosh Hashanah AM

December 16, Shabbat Chanukah

January 13,15, Shabbat MLK with Straitgate

April 7, Shabbat Hagadol

April 23, Yom Hashoah

April 29, LT's Got Talent

May 30, Erev Shavuot

Music Recordings for Rehearsals

Oseh Shalom - Bass

Oseh Shalom - Tenor

Oseh Shalom - Alto

Oseh Shalom - Soprano

Oseh Shalom - SATB

Music Recordings for High Holidays

Chassidic Kaddish - Bass

Chassidic Kaddish - Tenor

Chassidic Kaddish - Alto

Chassidic Kaddish - Soprano

Chassidic Kaddish - Chorus

Areshet - Bass

Areshet - Tenor

Areshet - Alto

Areshet - Soprano

B'rosh Hashanah

Bar'chu - Bass

Bar'chu - Tenor

Bar'chu - Alto

Bar'chu - Soprano

Elohai - Duet

End Rosh Hashanah Medley - Bass

End Rosh Hashanah Medley - Tenor

End Rosh Hashanah Medley - Alto

End Rosh Hashanah Medley - Soprano

R'tzei Cantor + Bass

R'tzei Cantor + Tenor

R'tzei Cantor + Alto

R'tzei Cantor + Soprano

RH Medley

S'u Sh'arim - Bass

S'u Sh'arim - Tenor

Sh'ma - Bass

Sh'ma - Tenor

Sh'ma - Alto

Sh'ma - Soprano

Un'taneh Tokef - Bass

Un'taneh Tokef - Tenor

Un'taneh Tokef - Alto

Un'taneh Tokef - Soprano

V'Ne'emar -Alto Bass

V'Ne'emar - Soprano

For Cantor Mendelson's Yom Kippur Afternoon Service

Eli Tziyon

Eileh Ezkerah

Ozi V'zimrat Yah

Alenu Bass

Alenu Tenor

Alenu Alto

Alenu Soprano

Oseh Shalom Bass

Oseh Shalom Tenor

Oseh Shalom Alto

Oseh Shalom Soprano