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Library News From Ze'ev Aviezer

There are many new books that have arrived in the Library waiting for you to check out and enjoy. 

Please click on the following link to see a list of our acquisitions:

Larchmont Temple Library Online Catalogue

Each fall the Temple’s library begins the process of updating its collection by purchasing four types of books.

1. New fiction books, by Jewish authors writing about Jewish themes that have been acclaimed by reviewers, or whose authors have garnered a devoted readership.
2. Books related to Rabbi Sirkman’s yearly theme. This year’s theme is titled Seeking Jewish Spirituality.
3. Non-Fiction books about issues that are of interest to the American Jewish community.
4. Books that can be defined as classics. These books often cover Biblical or philosophical themes of interest to our intellectually inclined congregants.

In line with this purchasing “philosophy” the following books will soon appear on our library shelves:

House of Spies by Daniel Silva. “Riveting…. Silva’s writing has lost none of its elegance. He provides readers with just enough real-world geopolitics to make sense of his narrative, and his depictions of the different styles of the world’s diverse intelligence services is fascinating as always.… Another chilling glimpse inside global terror networks from a gifted storyteller.” (Kirkus, starred review)
Jewish Spirituality: From the Sixteenth-Century Revival to the Present by Arthur Green. this is a broad-ranging, illustrated, scholarly treatment of core topics in Jewish spirituality from the Middle Ages to the present. The 15 essays in this volume attempt to describe the spiritual wisdom and values of the Jewish faith from the biblical period to the Middle Ages.

The Resistible Rise of Benjamin Netanyahu by Neill Lochery. If Netanyahu is still in office in July 2019, he will become the longest serving prime minister in the country's history ... Lochery's book is the first English biography of a man he says will be remembered as an "Israeli leader of historic importance". It's a fascinating glimpse into his past, the people and things that motivated him, and ultimately what he might do next. (Jerusalem Post).

Salonica, City of Ghosts: Christians, Muslims and Jews 1430-1950 by Mark Mazower. Salonica, was long a fascinating crossroads metropolis of different religions and ethnicities, where Egyptian merchants, Spanish Jews, Orthodox Greeks, Sufi dervishes, and Albanian brigands all rubbed shoulders. Tensions sometimes flared, but tolerance largely prevailed until the twentieth century when the Greek army marched in, Muslims were forced out, and the Nazis deported and killed the Jews. As the acclaimed historian Mark Mazower follows the city’s inhabitants through plague, invasion, famine, and the disastrous twentieth century, he resurrects a fascinating and vanished world.

The Library at Larchmont Temple

Our Library endeavors to maintain a diverse, vibrant circulating collection that reflects the core values of Larchmont Temple. We acquire books that support our Congregation’s annual learning themes including works of the Scholar-in-Residence. Our collection also includes current fiction, non-fiction, DVDs and periodicals for adults, young adults and children plus scholarly volumes that focus on the study of Torah. Our responsibilities include maintaining the physical collection and preparing thematic displays in the library. Our monthly column in the Temple News keeps the Temple community aware of what is new in the Library. We welcome volunteers who would like to join us in maintaining the Library.

To get involved or for more information contact: library@larchmonttemple.org