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Library News From Ze'ev Aviezer

There are many new books that have arrived in the Library waiting for you to check out and enjoy. 

Please click on the following link to see a list of our acquisitions:

Larchmont Temple Library Online Catalogue


Library Corner by Ze’ev Aviezer

To celebrate the New Year, we are offering two books by very familiar Jewish literary personas, Amos Oz and Leonard Cohen and two you may not be familiar with, Barbara Fradkin and Harri Nykanen. The main characters of the unknown authors are international Jewish detectives Michael Green, an Ottawa homicide detective and Ariel Kafka, the only Jew on the entire Helsinki police force. Enjoy!


Dear Zealots: Letters from a Divided Land by Amos Oz
Three essays on a range of topics: the universal nature of fanaticism and its possible cures, the Jewish roots of humanism and the need for a secular pride in Israel, and the geopolitical standing of Israel in the wider Middle East and internationally. This is classic Amos Oz—fluid, rich, masterly, and perfectly timed for a world in which polarization and extremism are rising everywhere.

The Flame: Poems Notebooks Lyrics Drawings by Leonard Cohen
Named a Fall Read by Vogue, Esquire, The Washington Post, TIME, Vanity Fair and O, the Oprah Magazine. One of Daily Mail and Financial Times's Best Books of 2018, The Flame is the final work from Leonard Cohen, the revered poet and musician whose fans span generations and whose work is celebrated throughout the world.

Do or Die by Barbara Fradkin
The first of ten Inspector Green mysteries, introduces Ottawa homicide detective Michael Green. As the son of two Holocaust survivors, Green views himself as a “Nate’s Delicatessen-type Jew,” more concerned with what people think about the size of his nose than with getting home in time to light Shabbat candles with his wife. Green acknowledges that his job cost him his first marriage—and is likely to cost him his second. As a colleague, husband and parent, Green leaves much to be desired; but as a policeman, there is no one you would rather have on the case.

Nights of Awe: An Ariel Kaplan Mystery by Harri Nykanen
Nykänen’s twist on Nordic crime fiction may be the most inventive yet. Ariel Kafka, a middle-aged bachelor, is a detective in Helsinki and, as far as he knows, the only Jew on the entire Helsinki police force, which is why he’s picked to head up the investigation of a series of murders that began with two Arabic-looking men who may have been shouting Jewish obscenities as they died. Set during the days leading up to Yom Kippur, this complex tale moves quickly, as Ari attempts to figure it all out. The clever combination of classic Jewish themes with the traditions of Nordic crime makes for a refreshing tale with wide appeal.





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