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Library News From Ze'ev Aviezer

There are many new books that have arrived in the Library waiting for you to check out and enjoy. 

Please click on the following link to see a list of our acquisitions:

Larchmont Temple Library Online Catalogue

This year Rabbi Sirkman will focus our covenantal journey on the way Jewish spirituality intersects with our lives. In line with this theme, the library created a special shelf highlighting some of the books in our collection that describe di?erent kinds of Jewish spirituality. I’ve listed two of the books below: 

God Was Not In The Fire by Daniel Gordis- From Publisher’s Weekly. Gordis's 
message is simple: Judaism merits the attention of modern Jews by virtue of its 
potential role as a compelling and enriching enterprise that helps de?ne who and what Jews are. But to reach American Jews who have dismissed Judaism as a path to spirituality is a more complex undertaking. Gordis, who teaches at the University of Judaism in Los Angeles, explores belief in God, sacred texts, ritual, mitzvoth, prayer and ethics. The entry point of his argument is that Judaism doesn't demand blind faith. "Doubt is what fuels the journey," Gordis writes.  

Shema ??? Spirituality and Law in Judaism by Norman Lam. The Shema is the central prayer of the Jewish faith. Historically Jews utter the Shema’s single sentence, a?rming God's unity, as their ?nal words before dying, as well as at the beginning and ending of each day. Using the Shema as his focus, Lamm, a prominent Orthodox scholar and long-time president of Yeshiva University, explores the relationship between spirituality and law in Judaism. The book represents an extensive commentary on the words of the Shema, drawing upon a wide range of traditional sources and the author’s own re?ections.


The Library at Larchmont Temple

Our Library endeavors to maintain a diverse, vibrant circulating collection that reflects the core values of Larchmont Temple. We acquire books that support our Congregation’s annual learning themes including works of the Scholar-in-Residence. Our collection also includes current fiction, non-fiction, DVDs and periodicals for adults, young adults and children plus scholarly volumes that focus on the study of Torah. Our responsibilities include maintaining the physical collection and preparing thematic displays in the library. Our monthly column in the Temple News keeps the Temple community aware of what is new in the Library. We welcome volunteers who would like to join us in maintaining the Library.

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