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Larchmont Temple Film Festival

Sunday, November 25, 4:00 PM, The Grant Conference Center

Larchmont Temple Film Festival presents The Believer starring an astonishing Ryan Gosling as a young and argumentative yeshiva student who turns into a neo-Nazi skinhead. Will the NY Times reveal his identity? Will he turn himself in? Join us to find out. Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize Winner, Village Voice Film Poll Award.









Sunday December 30, 4:00 PM, The Grant Conference Center

Larchmont Temple Film Festival presents: Hill 24 Doesn't Answer (Israel 1955). Set during the 1948 Arab--Israeli War, the conflict that led to the creation of the state of Israel, this FIRST film produced in Israel; a landmark that drew and continues to draw an international audience.

Hill 24 is one of the foothills dominating the approach to Jerusalem. The night before a cease-fire, to be imposed by the United Nations to stop the Israeli-Arab war, four Israeli volunteers set out to hold the hill until morning, in order to be able to claim it for Israel.

“In flashbacks, we learn where each of the four came to be where they are today: James Finnegan, an English policeman during the Mandate Period who has fallen in love with a beautiful Israeli; Allan Goodman, a New Yorker who was on a 3 week tour of Palestine as the British mandate was coming to an end; Esther, a Polish nurse who survived the concentration camps. They need only keep possession of the hill until the next morning.”