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Our One Volume Guide to the Galaxy

Genesis, Exodus, Psalms, Isaiah, Ezekiel...bible books that are familiar to us from Friday night sermons, Saturday morning Chevrah Torah or our children preparing for Bar/Bat Mitzvah...

But did you know there are a total of 39 books in all? Books that provide guidance, warning, advice, comfort...with themes of renewal, building character, bringing light in times of darkness, showing gratitude, repairing relationships--repairing our world.

While we can't cover all 39 books of the bible, each helps us face life's challenges and gain greater meaning and understanding of ourselvs and the world around us. This year's visiting scholars and our own LT clergy will further advance us on this journey in a variety of ways.   Among them:


Join our Chevrah table, sitting alongside commentators past and present, as we explore a key question in the Torah portion through the prism of its biblical parallels, joining the generations in a conversation for the ages. Begins Saturday, October 3.
Shabbat Mornings, 9-10:20 AM in the Axelrod Chapel, led by Rabbi Jeff Sirkman

BOOK REVIEW [4th Friday SHABBAT Service Feature]

Enter the exploration of seldom encountered Bible moments as they animate the Shabbat Torah themes and consider with our clergy their implications for our lives today.
Fridays, 8PM Service with discussion led by the Rabbis & Cantor

TED TALKS (Torah Enriched dialogue)   

Compelling monthly videos featuring Rabbi Sirkman, Rabbi Miller, Cantor Scher and Rabbi Rudin. Each month a book from the bible will be chosen for discussion with its overarching theme and life questions to help us understand the life challenges we face today.


6 Week Session, Fall, Winter & Spring
Tuesdays at 7:30 PM

An exploration of Jewish Learning & Living with Rabbi Bethie Miller