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Our One Volume Guide to the Galaxy

Genesis, Exodus, Psalms, Isaiah, Ezekiel...bible books that are familiar to us from Friday night sermons, Saturday morning Chevrah Torah or our children preparing for Bar/Bat Mitzvah...

But did you know there are a total of 39 books in all? Books that provide guidance, warning, advice, comfort...with themes of renewal, building character, bringing light in times of darkness, showing gratitude, repairing relationships--repairing our world.

While we can't cover all 39 books of the bible, each helps us face life's challenges and gain greater meaning and understanding of ourselvs and the world around us. This year's visiting scholars and our own LT clergy will further advance us on this journey in a variety of ways.   Among them:


Join our Chevrah table, sitting alongside commentators past and present, as we explore a key question in the Torah portion through the prism of its biblical parallels, joining the generations in a conversation for the ages. Begins Saturday, October 3.
Shabbat Mornings, 9-10:20 AM in the Axelrod Chapel, led by Rabbi Jeff Sirkman

BOOK REVIEW [4th Friday SHABBAT Service Feature]

Enter the exploration of seldom encountered Bible moments as they animate the Shabbat Torah themes and consider with our clergy their implications for our lives today.
Fridays, 8PM Service with discussion led by the Rabbis & Cantor

TED TALKS (Torah Enriched dialogue)   

Compelling monthly videos featuring Rabbi Sirkman, Rabbi Miller, Cantor Scher and Rabbi Rudin. Each month a book from the bible will be chosen for discussion with its overarching theme and life questions to help us understand the life challenges we face today.


6 Week Session, Fall, Winter & Spring
Tuesdays at 7:30 PM

An exploration of Jewish Learning & Living with Rabbi Bethie Miller



October 13 - November 17  

Using the book of Genesis as our core text, we'll investigate different ways of reading and interpreting our ancient sources. We'll learn how generations of commentators brought the text to life, and we'll explore the wisdom and relevance that Torah continues to bring to our lives--to our relationships, families, struggles, journeys, and ongoing search for connection and meaning.


January 5 - February 9    

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

  • Every time I hear about the Torah portion, God seems to be angry with someone... 
  • I'm not sure what I believe, but I definitely have trouble believing in such a temperamental God. Are there other Jewish ways of experienceing God?
  • I feel more spiritual than religious, and I'm curious how Judaism can enrich my daily living.
  • I have faith in science; can I also have faith in God?

If you've found yourself thinking any of these thougths or asking any of these questions, then you should seriously consider joining this six-week bite of Ben Bat Binah. Studying the most influential Jewish thought-leaders from biblical times to today, we'll explore a range of ways to understand and experience God in our lives..


March 1 - April 12 (no class March 22)

This session is great if you are looking to improve your Hebrew skills--starting from the very beginning or reviewing what you learned years ago. We'll practice prayer book Hebrew, study the structure and choreography of Shabbat services, and interpret the beautiful--and also challenging--poetry that constitutes our prayers.

Join us for one session, or for all three!  This structure aims to make the Ben Bat Binah experience accessible and feasible for more LTers. Each bite can stand alone, but also reinforce each other and pave the path to becoming Ben/Bat Binah.

Questions? Curious but want to know more? Contact Rabbi Miller: bmiller@larchmonttemple.org.


Acclaimed Teacher & Author: Professor James Kugel

How to Read the Bible: A Guide to Scriptures Then & Now

Chevrah Torah: Saturday, October 17, 9 am                                                        Havdalah  & Teaching, Saturday, October 17, 4 PM
Brotherhood Breakfast: Sunday, October 18, 10 AM

Larchmont Temple is pleased to welcome renowned scholar and author, Professor James Kugel, who offers an insider's look at the work of today's biblical scholars and ancient interpreters of the text.

Is the Bible what modern biblical scholars suggest--

  • The product of countless anonymous authors and editors through the ages
  • to be understood in its historical context speaking only to the people of the time
  • a human composition, flawed and filled with inconsistencies, contradictions and inaccuracies

OR is the Bible

  • a divine guidebook, a manual, full of instruction and wisdom, the word of God
  • food and nourishment for our souls
  • as relevant today as it was then

"I could not, and would not want to, be part of a religion that claimed that Torah was a human creation," says Prof. Kugel.

"The question my book sought to raise was: hasn't the acceptance of modern scholarship profoundly undermined the traditional teachings and role of the Bible? And the answer--Yes, of course it has.

"I consider the Torah as the first volume of a multivolume work about serving God. Even if someone could point to contradictions within the Torah, or unnecessary repetitions, or signs of later editing--none of this has any bearing on the Torah's divine origin: after all, who makes up the rules of what a divine text can or cannot consist of?...I believe that God does speak to man; this is the whole principle of the prophecy, and without it Judaism cannot be said to exist."

Prof. Kugel was the Starr Professor at Harvard for over 20 years, his course was regularly one of the two most popular at Harvard, enrolling more than 900 students. He is currently Director of the Institute for the History of the Jewish Bible at Bar Ilan University in Israel. He has authored over a dozen books.

Rabbi Larry Hoffman, Prof. of Liturgy, HUC-JIR

Brotherhood Breakfast

Sunday, November 15, 10 AM, Social Hall

Rabbi Larry Hoffman, Professor of Liturgy at HUC-JIR and new LT member – World-renowned liturgist, primary professor of Jewish Rite & Ritual, Rabbi Larry Hoffman has helped our Reform spiritual leadership understand the what's and how's of holiness for over four decades. He is co-founder of Synagogue 2000, transforming synagogue life for the 21st century. He will help us look at our Hebrew Bible and discover within it secrets for living a healthier, holier life in our world today...

WHAT are the 5 Most Important Books of the Bible?...HOW can stepping inside these tales and texts help you to understand the life questions confronting you ?...Witness the master teacher open a world you never knew existed and discover how/why it beckons you to enter...