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Brotherhood: Larchmont Temple Brotherhood promotes Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World) through the so- cial, cultural and religious fellowship of Jewish men. the Brotherhood and its members are dedicated to the development of temple life and the advancement of Judaism, sponsoring a range of events. our cornerstone program is a monthly bagel breakfast, featuring diverse speakers with topics of local and global interest. the relaxed and congenial atmosphere welcomes Brotherhood members’ families, as with all our events. other programs that we sponsor include: semi-annual blood drives, Yom Ha shoah memorial candle distribution, Westchester Hebrew softball League adult softball team, sports event gatherings, and social events. As a way to help those interested to experience the breadth of activities at Larchmont temple, we are pleased to offer complimentary Brotherhood membership to first-year temple members.

CHESED CORPS: Chesed Corps learns together and works together to support those in need in our congrega- tion. Drawing on the wisdom of Jewish tradition, we put chesed (covenantal love and loyalty) into action by reaching out to Lt members who have lost a loved one, are ill, or homebound. Contact: chesedcorps@larchmonttemple.org

Chevra Limud: The members of Chevra Limud partner with clergy and other education professionals to cre- ate a vision of adult education and community building that reaffirms covenant through all aspects of Jewish life and learning in order to engage every potential congregant in covenantal Jewish learning and living. By helping develop thematic focus and content and serving as ambassadors to the temple community, the adult education committee helps to craft Jewish learning and living at Larchmont temple. Contact: chevralimud@larchmonttemple.org

CHEVRA TIKUN-Social Action Committee: The goals of the Social Action Committee include, promoting hands-on participation in events that contribute to charitable causes and community; contributing financially to a variety of charitable organizations, funds for which will be derived from the “Social Action Tzedakah Fund” and promoting social advocacy at all levels of community and government. The committee meets once each month to discuss a variety of projects and events.
Contact: SAC@larchmonttemple.org

Cultural Arts: We are a vibrant group of like-minded cultural arts enthusiasts who together, create exciting and diverse programming to reach every age group of our growing Larchmont temple community. in recent years our events included: family concerts, family movie night, adult celebrations with dancing and entertain- ment, Jewish a capella groups, open mic night, Cantorial concerts and more. Join us as we continue celebrating all that our Cultural Arts community has to offer! Contact: culturalarts@larchmonttemple.org 

Interfaith Connection: Reaching out to welcome and support those who are Jews by Birth, Jews by Choice and interfaith Families on their Jewish journeys. throughout the temple year, please join us as we host coffee talks, home based family shabbat dinners, panel discussions, new member welcomes and learning groups for all temple members. As an integral part of Larchmont temple, our programming is intended for all, but will also explore experiences unique to interfaith families. Contact: interfaithconnection@larchmonttemple.org

Leadership Development: The Leadership Development Committee establishes programs to identify and engage congregants who may become future leaders within the temple community, develops and delivers training for both current and prospective leadership, and addresses governance practices for effective on- going leadership within the congregation. Contact: leadershipdevelopment@larchmonttemple.org

Library: Our Library endeavors to maintain a diverse, vibrant circulating collection that reflects the core val- ues of Larchmont temple. We acquire books that support our Congregation’s annual learning themes includ- ing works of the scholar-in-Residence. our collection also includes current fiction, non-fiction, DVDs and pe- riodicals for adults, young adults and children plus scholarly volumes that focus on the study of torah. our responsibilities include maintaining the physical collection and preparing thematic displays in the library. Contact:library@larchmonttemple.org

Limud Noar- Youth Education Transformation Committee: Youth Education Transformation Committee: this committee serves as an advisory group to temple professionals to provide our experiences and insight into the intricacies of the Youth program encom- passing our K-12th graders and their families. We aspire to engage every potential young individual here at Larchmont temple.the committee meets monthly to consider past, present, and future programs and help sup- port new initiatives. Beyond the monthly meetings, members are asked to participate in youth activities with their families, serve as a volunteer in various capacities, and to be a liaison for other parents in the programs. Contact: Youtheducation@larchmonttemple.org

LTNS Parent Association: The Larchmont Temple Nursery school Parent Association serves to foster a sense of community among all LtNs parents, creating opportunities for them to play an active role in their children’s preschool experience. our goal is to maintain a welcoming and open relationship between parents and care- givers, directors, and the LtNs staff. We organize many activities and celebrations throughout the year both in and out of the classroom, allowing all parents and caregivers to spend time with their children within the school setting while forming relationships with teachers and other parents. every member of the parent com- munity is warmly invited to join us for any and all of these activities. While the Parent Association is led by several Committee Chairs that meet on a monthly basis, the Parent Association welcomes involvement on any level as time and interest allow. We encourage all parents to volunteer for numerous sub-committees ranging from event Coordination to Fundraising to Classroom Project Assistance.
Contact: ltnsparent@larchmonttemple.org

New Members: The goal of the Larchmont Temple New members committee is to welcome every new mem- ber family into the congregation and help them feel “at home” by reaching out and creating opportunities for immediate and ongoing involvement in the life of Larchmont temple. New members receive personal calls from a committee member to remind them of upcoming events and answer any other questions that might arise. the committee hosts a variety of events during the first year of membership. these include a welcoming brunch in the fall, a Havdalah service and reception, and a family Kabbalat shabbat service and dinner. At these events new members have the opportunity to meet the clergy, other temple leaders and committee members as well as other new member families. Contact: newmembers@larchmonttemple.org

Ritual Committee: The purpose of the Ritual Committee is to partner with our clergy team to help plan, define, and evaluate ritual practice, lifecycle, and worship services to ensure that the spiritual needs of our various constituent groups are being met. the Ritual Committee coordinates summer shabbat services and supports lay leadership to conduct worship services during July and August. the committee welcomes members and guests by coordinating the temple’s greeting/ushering outreach throughout the year at shabbat and festival worship. Using social media, the Ritual Committee provides community outreach during elul and the omer. Contact: ritual@larchmonttemple.org

Sisterhood: Larchmont Temple Sisterhood creates programs and activities of value to women and their families, while promoting a sense of community where women of every generation can take part in study, worship, and social activities. Contact: sisterhood@larchmonttemple.org